Free KeyLogger 4.3.15

A stealthy software that allows a user to remotely track and log activity on a desktop computer

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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Free KeyLogger for Windows is a free program for monitoring keystrokes on a Windows PC. Whether you need to monitor keyboard input for parental control or security auditing, Free KeyLogger is a powerful tool with quite a bit of flexibility for every user.

A keylogger is a program which monitors every keystroke entered on a computer keyboard and records them in a log for a user to access. Keyloggers can be used for parents monitoring child internet activity or system administrators running security penetration tests. Keyloggers are versatile in that they allow the capture of passwords and information even when it is sent over the network using an encrypted connection. This includes passwords for online services such as Facebook, banking, etc.

Free KeyLogger is an easy to set up and use program with a simple interface. Admins can specify that the program run in the background, invisible to other users of the computer and accessible only by a certain key combination (e.g. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F) and a password. This helps to prevent other computer users from knowing they are being monitored or being able to access the key log files.

These logs can then be accessed either by manually logging into the program and sending the logs to a specified email address or scheduling regular email updates to automatically be sent to that email address. Connecting the program to your email is simple and straightforward.

Free KeyLogger is very powerful for a free software, but lacks the advanced features of some paid keyloggers. For example, Free KeyLogger cannot record "startup" or "logon" passwords entered to log into a user's Windows account (this is usually the first password a user enters after a computer reboot). Furthermore, KeyLogger lacks advanced cloaking features to hide its process from the Windows task manager, so advanced users can find out they are being monitored and even kill the keylogger process.

While there are many benefits to using key logging software, storing logs of all keys entered on a computer also presents a security risk if a determined hacker gains access to your computer. Even encrypted logs can be recovered given enough time, and a log which may contain everything from passwords to credit cards numbers presents a significant find for an identity thief. Users concerned about the security of their information may want to look to paid keyloggers for high-level encryption.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Provides consistent monitoring across every application.
  • Incognito mode allows the program to run invisibly until a certain key combination and password are entered.
  • Allows for custom hot key combinations and password.
  • Allows you to send key logs as an email to a specified email address, either manually or on a scheduled basis.
  • Easy email setup and configuration.
  • Key logs are stored using password-protected encryption.


  • Free KeyLogger's process is visible within task manager--advanced users can access the process and shut it down.
  • Free KeyLogger does not support recording of startup or logon passwords.
  • Key logs can present a major vulnerability to identity theft if your computer is hacked by a skilled attacker.

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